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Nachley contestants performs to Goldkartz’s Ha Karde

Catch the talented dancers, Shazia from Karachi & Usman from Lahore performing to Goldkartz’s Ha Karde featuring Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger at Nachley – Pakistan’s Biggest Reality Dance Show, Season 4 !! Simply Amazing !!

Goldkartz grabs a staggering 9 nominations at VIMA Award 2011 !

VIMA 2011

VIMA 2011 music awards final nominees list.

The Bite My Music team have just announced the final nominees of the 3rd annual VIMA music awards, the only independent music awards for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and is considered as one of the most important music awards in Asia.

VIMA 2011 have sprung a whole range of thrills and spills with both GoldKartz and K-Town Clan of Malaysia, the runaway leaders in the final nominee list . Goldkartz and K-Town Clan raked in an astonishing 9 nominations each. Goldkartz, considered the biggest bhangra-dance act of SouthEast Asia pulled in some industry heavyweights such as Awie, Boy Radge, Rishi Rich and Shankar Mahadevan to deliver their most stunning effort to date.K-Town Clan, one of Malaysia’s leading hip-hop groups (and only Malaysian crunk group), returned after 6 years, with stunning effect to deliver the goods even in the rock and dance categories.

K-Town had this to share:

“For us, being nominated for 9 awards is already a huge achievement. Its truly an honor to receive that many nominations as well as being nominated alongside so many talented artist’s/musicians. Though we have a long way to go, 6 years of struggle to come up with our first album was worth it and we can slowly see our different goals and dreams materialize. We wish all our fellow nominees for VIMA 2011 all the very best and keep making good music & if anyone says otherwise, GIVE EM THE UGHH!!”

“Every year we live right on the edge, feeding off the adrenaline and creative juices of the best of what the indie scene has to offer. We’re super happy that we were not let down this year, and we’re going to be seeing quite a few names go on from this stage and on to the global stage to finally carve their names on the international level. It has always been our hope that the musicians from this region will produce quality artists to take on the world, and we believe, this year, we are going to see that happen” said Siva “Zaphod’ Chandran,founder of VIMA and Bite My Music Global Awards.

Acts from Singapore and Brunei notched quite a chunk of the nominees too. While Brunei once again dominated in the pop categories,Karacoma carries the flag in the rock category with their hard-edged rock style. Singapore acts such as Lady Kash & Krissy and Kevin Lester did well in the hip-hop categories while In Each Hand a Cutlass and  CC Sound Factory walked away as strong contenders too. On the Malaysian front, Altimet, Dragon Red, Prema Yin, Haze and Psycho Unit all did well to land nominations in key categories. Altimet, One of the biggest winners of the first VIMA, is featured in 4 songs by 4 different artists (K-Town Clan/Andi Merican/Blink&Goldfish/Diplomats of Drum). On a lighter note,in the Best rock vocalist, it could be a face-off between the 3 “Sam”, with 3 acts named Sam – Sam Karacoma, Sam Bunk Face and Sam Beat The System.

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Goldkartz’s 24 Karaatz – Zee Contest

Goldkartz’s 24 Karaatz – Zee Contest



No Winners Prize
1 Rachita Nair LG 42 Inch HD Plasma TV with Dual XD Engine
1 Autographed “24 Karaatz’ Posters & CD
2 Girish Lakhani Philips Home Theatre System – Dolby Digital 5.1
1 Autographed “24 Karaatz’ Posters & CD
3 Gajendran Balachandran Samsung – Smart Camera 12 Megapixels
1 Autographed “24 Karaatz’ Posters & CD
1 Hayden Matthew 1 set x Autographed “24 Karaatz’ Poster & CD
2 Nabila Jamal Ahmed
3 Maneesha Kaur
4 Parwin Kaur
5 Prabhbir Singh
6 Jagdish Kukreja
7 Jasvinder Kaur Mann
8 Harsimren Sidhu
9 Satmit Kaur
10 Sandip Singh
11 Karishma Kour
12 Rose Taib
13 Sakina Bibi
14 Ravinder Singh Gill
15 Gurvinderjit Singh
16 Prideip Nair
17 Manisha Gill
18 Geerththanah Vijayakhrishnan
19 Karishma Rani
20 Bhanisha
Terms & Conditions
1 Only winners will be intimated via Email. More details regarding the collection will be given in the Email which will be sent by 30th of Nov 2011.
2 The prize is non-refundable, and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any other items.
3 All prizes to be collected by 9th of December 2011, otherwise will be forfeited without compensation.
4 Other general terms and conditions apply.

Goldkartz features in Tribune India Press, Page 1


Desi beats, foreign shores
In Chandigarh to promote their promotional song Mauja from the Bollywood movie Chala Mussadi Office Office, two brothers Manjit and Sukhjit Singh Gill of music band Goldkartz reveal how they sell their music in Malaysia
Jasmine Singh

For a country like Malaysia, known for its scuba-diving reefs, if you happen to overhear the beat of Punjabi music, it is definitely not a day-dream! Far in the country, two brothers Manjit and Sukhjit Singh Gill of music band Goldkartz not only make Punjabi music, but also sell it to the Malaysian audiences!

In Chandigarh to promote their promotional song Mauja from the Bollywood movie Chala Mussadi Office Office, the two brothers talk of breaking barriers, internationally. But first, some office talk!

“Mauja is a promotional song for the movie, and we are pretty happy the way it has turned out,” says the duo. Mauja is their first Bollywood project, with contemporary beats. But this wasn’t an easy track, because how many people have you seen dancing and swaying to a song based on corruption? So, we had to bring in peppy beats and gel in with the theme of the song and movie. It is Punjabi yet modern at the same time,” shares the duo. How else would you sell a Punjabi number in South Asia?

“We released our first album in 2008, which was again a blend of Punjabi and modern beats. Our second album 24 Karaatz won awards in Malaysia,” puts in Sukhjeet and Manjeet, born and brought up in Malaysia. The duo is known as Bhangra ambassadors in Malyasia and has also done collaborations with various artistes like Rishi Rich, Shankar Mahadevan, Punjabi by Nature etc. “The audiences have always reacted well to our work, which is neither strictly Punjabi nor Western. We have created a middle path, which appeals to everyone.”

At the moment it is their first-ever Bollywood track that is taking the band’s time. Puts in Manjit, “We have a couple of projects lined up, let’s see how they shape up. We have been brought up in a different culture; the effect can be seen on our music as well. However, we still get in the ‘real’ Punjabi touch in our tracks.”

Goldkartz features Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger in Ha Karde



Goldkartz features with Shankar Mahadevan, Boy Radge & Gangai Amaran in Rock With You


Goldkartz features with Shankar Mahadevan, Boy Radge & Gangai Amaran in Rock With You