GOLDKARTZ Bhangras Into VIMA 2011

The Bite My Music team had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Goldkartz, the hottest Bhangra act in Southeast Asia. When you think Goldkartz, all kinds of adrenaline-pumping and party filled imagery fills the room.Here’s what the golden siblings from Malaysia has to share:

GOLDKARTZ is a Bite My Music Gold Member and has submitted their songs for VIMA 2011

1. Tell us a little a bit about Goldkartz, what sort of music you perform, and the story behind the name of your group.

Goldkartz is an Urban Bhangra outfit from Malaysia consisting of 2 brothers, M-Ji & Surj. We have been on the production circuit of Urban Bhangra track since 2005 and launched ourselves in Malaysia in 2008. We just had our international debut in early April this year with the launch of our second album ’24 Karaatz’.

Goldkartz simply refers to Gold + Carats of Gold. The more the Carats, the more pricey it is. Gold being a scarce commodity, is always appreciated, and the same with our music. We just fused them both and stylised it into Goldkartz. Although we never intended to call ourselves Goldkartz, but people began recognising us with the name and we never looked back since then.

2. We understand you have made inroads in UK and are you planning to do a tour there?

Yes, 24 Karaatz is labelled by the biggest label in the Bhangra World, Moviebox that is based in the UK which distributes to the UK, Canada, India, and other European continents. As for now, we are busy promoting and touring around in the South East Asia region promoting our album. We are scheduled to perform and tour in the UK in November, and Australia in December this year. Ever since the launch, we have performed and toured at Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India and so on.

3. Goldkartz have played to very large audiences around the globe. Could you share with us your most memorable performance.

We enjoy just about every show that we perform at. If we were asked to choose the most memorable one, it would be a show that we had in Australia before the launch of our international debut, the second album.

We were totally blown away the moment we went up on stage performing seeing the audience singing along to just about every word of some of our hit tracks, bearing in mind our first album was only released in Malaysia and nowhere else. So seeing a different bunch of crowd, thousands of miles away singing to our track, was just an amazing experience.

We also had pretty much the same experience in Canada. It was then that we felt it was about time to get on with the second album and hopefully to launch it internationally.

4. Any plans to market your songs to the Bollywood music industry?

Bollywood Industry is a huge and respected industry with a massive target audience. We thought that if we were ever so lucky and blessed to be part of a Bollywood Film, that would come about at a much later time, maybe 10 years from now.

However, just 3 months after our international debut, we were given an offer to produce & sing a song for a Bollywood Fim by a very renowned Bollywood Director, Rajiv Mehra. It just totally blew us away. We produced the track and the song was approved by renowned Bollywood music directors, Sajid & Wajid together with Rajiv Mehra. This made us the first South East Asian group to produce & sing for a Bollywood film. Soon thereafter, we began touring India to promote the Film and our album.

5. What’s the future of Bhangra music and any advice for upcoming musicians in this genre?

Bhangra music is here to stay, and the popularity is increasing slowly but surely. Different countries have different styles of Bhangra music with a different set of followers all together. What is important is to keep this music alive and growing no matter what it takes.

Coming from Malaysia, Goldkartz is the first Bhangra artist, and we launched the first Malaysia’s Bhangra Album in 2008. Ever since then, many upcoming artist have been inspired and are working towards their own albums. We always assist upcoming artist to the best we can, to keep the music and this particular industry growing. Some artist that we have been assisting will be launched pretty soon.

What is important is that they have to have the love for this particular music and industry. Some of them think that by getting into this industry, its a shortcut to fame and success, sadly… they are so mistaken. To be successful in this industry, one will have to work very hard, be patient, humble, and more importantly, love the music… love Bhangra. Because only if you love, you will not let it go no matter what happens, and one day, it will pay dividend.

“Goldkartz have proven time and time again how valuable they are as musicians not just from a musical and cultural aspect but also role models who have inspired so many young musicians to go beyond their hopes and dreams.We are thrilled to have them submit for VIMA” said Meera Thuraivel, CEO of Saintz & Sinnerz and co-founder of VIMA 2011.

” They are quite possibly one of Malaysia’s biggest music exports and are one of the only few who have taken on the global stage with such impact and following. They have attracted some of the biggest names in the industry to collaborate with them and we are convinced their latest album is going to make them a household name in more and more countries”, said Siva Chandran, COO of Saintz & Sinnerz and founder of VIMA 2011.

VIMA 2011 is the independent music awards for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore musicians and is in its 3rd year running. The awards is organized by Saintz & Sinnerz, an international brand and marketing company specialising in music and lifestyle. Musicians are invited to register at the global awards site

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