Goldkartz grabs a staggering 9 nominations at VIMA Award 2011 !

VIMA 2011

VIMA 2011 music awards final nominees list.

The Bite My Music team have just announced the final nominees of the 3rd annual VIMA music awards, the only independent music awards for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and is considered as one of the most important music awards in Asia.

VIMA 2011 have sprung a whole range of thrills and spills with both GoldKartz and K-Town Clan of Malaysia, the runaway leaders in the final nominee list . Goldkartz and K-Town Clan raked in an astonishing 9 nominations each. Goldkartz, considered the biggest bhangra-dance act of SouthEast Asia pulled in some industry heavyweights such as Awie, Boy Radge, Rishi Rich and Shankar Mahadevan to deliver their most stunning effort to date.K-Town Clan, one of Malaysia’s leading hip-hop groups (and only Malaysian crunk group), returned after 6 years, with stunning effect to deliver the goods even in the rock and dance categories.

K-Town had this to share:

“For us, being nominated for 9 awards is already a huge achievement. Its truly an honor to receive that many nominations as well as being nominated alongside so many talented artist’s/musicians. Though we have a long way to go, 6 years of struggle to come up with our first album was worth it and we can slowly see our different goals and dreams materialize. We wish all our fellow nominees for VIMA 2011 all the very best and keep making good music & if anyone says otherwise, GIVE EM THE UGHH!!”

“Every year we live right on the edge, feeding off the adrenaline and creative juices of the best of what the indie scene has to offer. We’re super happy that we were not let down this year, and we’re going to be seeing quite a few names go on from this stage and on to the global stage to finally carve their names on the international level. It has always been our hope that the musicians from this region will produce quality artists to take on the world, and we believe, this year, we are going to see that happen” said Siva “Zaphod’ Chandran,founder of VIMA and Bite My Music Global Awards.

Acts from Singapore and Brunei notched quite a chunk of the nominees too. While Brunei once again dominated in the pop categories,Karacoma carries the flag in the rock category with their hard-edged rock style. Singapore acts such as Lady Kash & Krissy and Kevin Lester did well in the hip-hop categories while In Each Hand a Cutlass and  CC Sound Factory walked away as strong contenders too. On the Malaysian front, Altimet, Dragon Red, Prema Yin, Haze and Psycho Unit all did well to land nominations in key categories. Altimet, One of the biggest winners of the first VIMA, is featured in 4 songs by 4 different artists (K-Town Clan/Andi Merican/Blink&Goldfish/Diplomats of Drum). On a lighter note,in the Best rock vocalist, it could be a face-off between the 3 “Sam”, with 3 acts named Sam – Sam Karacoma, Sam Bunk Face and Sam Beat The System.

“Our role is to ensure we pick the right candidates to face off the rest of the world in the finals of the Bite My Music Global awards.It was a pleasant surprise to hear so many good songs from Brunei and Singapore this time round and its going to be a tough but keen spirited competition between musicians from the 3 countries. We’ve got the whole world focusing on the winners of VIMA this time round and even world class producers and usicians are waiting on the side to help pick their favorites to be mentored”, said Meera Thuraivel, CEO of Saintz & Sinnerz and co-founder of the awards.

VIMA is one of the 3 subawards under the Bite My Music Global Awards umbrella. Top winners from VIMA will go on to face off the rest of the world, including winners from the Global African Music Awards (GAMA) and South Asia (IndieGo) earl next year. Registration is still open to the rest of the world at

Voting for VIMA begins on November 15th and will last until November 30th, 2011. The winners will be determined by a panel of global judges (70%) and online voting (30%). The web link for the voting will be launched on the bite my music website.

Andi Merican had this to say:

‘I felt happy and excited that i got nominated for 3 awards. Nothing beats the feeling of getting acknowledged of the effort, love, and pure sincerity that we put in a track. I started of with VIMA, getting few nominations back then for the tracks i produced such as best Hiphop, best Pop, best RnB and even best Producer. But getting nominated for this year VIMA is extra sweet as this marks the growth of my solo career. Therefore I felt so overwhelmed and id like to thank the judges, and the 2 most important figure in developing the independent scene, Siva and Meera.’


Best Pop/R&B Song

70’s Girl- Haze Freaky-G

The girl in the club-Kuj (Brunei)

Salam-KSatriya feat.Regina Ibrahim

Addicted- Prema Yin


Tear us Apart – Nadhira feat. Ron E Jones

Solo – Andi A.Merican

Lagu – Bo Amir Iqram

And You Know It-Janice & The Supertank

Signs of Life – Eunice Keitan (Singapore)

It is a privilege and an honour to be nominated alongside such talented and inspirational artists for VIMA 2011. Salam was written for a time when hate seems to invade every facet of our lives. We hope that, in some small way, our song can bring some peace to your heart. On behalf of everyone who worked on the project – Regina, Eric, Sam and myself – Thank you and Salam.” – Ksatriya


Best Pop/R&B Act

Adi Rani (Brunei)

Zul Faden (Brunei)



Jamairul (Brunei)

Andi A.Merican

Guba (Sabah/Malaysia)

Dayat Ahim (Brunei )

Pearl & Rendall (Sarawak/Malaysia)

Bo Amir Iqram

I would like to say thank u so much to VIMA Awards 2011 for the nomination and giving the chance for myself to be heard. It’s really a blessing to be here as this is my first time participating on a such great event. I hope that the nominated artists from Brunei will make it to the next level and not to forget the artists from Malaysia and Singapore. See you guys in Kuala lumpur.” Jamairul (Brunei)


Best Rock Song

Blow My Mind Prema Yin feat. MON9

Shine – Beat the System feat. Jaclyn Victor

Come Get Some (Bangkai Beserker Masacre) –K Town Clan feat. Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G

December Snow – Karacoma (Brunei)

The Call-Yuri Wong feat.Burn AF

No More Mr.Nice Guy-Dragon Red

A New Light-Razed

Secret Revelation – Lethal Doses

Ilusi Tragis – O-Two

Sugar Sachet – Crush

Plastic Diva – “3″

Hu – Tashya’s Ink

Most of the time If anyone in a band tells you that the only reason they are doing what they are doing is for the passion and nothing else, they are probably high or lying. But sometimes there are bands that live solely for the music. Lethal Doses are made up of a Professional Drum Tutor, an I.T Consultant, a Business Development Manager & a Project Manager whose monthly salary puts food on the table but playing in the band feeds our souls. Thank you to all who made this nomination possible especially Meera and Siva who has championed the Independent music scene and continue to do so. To be nominated alongside so many great acts is an honor. If all goes according to plan, we hope to defy the statement that says ” Dont Quit Your Day Jobs!”… Congrats to the fellow nominees!” – Lethal Doses


Best Rock Group



An Honest Mistake

Dragon Red

Karacoma (Brunei)


B-Quartet (Singapore)


Iris Band (Sarawak/Malaysia)




Being nominated again for VIMA 2011 was totally unexpected and really caught us by surprise especially with the 4 nominations ..
Currently we are here writing songs for the next album which is pulling the band in different creative directions . VIMA 2011 nomination brings back unity and we looking forward to it as the previous VIMA 2010 has been a blast for us and opened up opportunities making it our busiest year ..
Thank you very much again to Mr Siva Zaphod Chandran and the Bite My Music team for nominating us in 4 categories for VIMA 2011” – Karacoma


Best Rock Vocalist

Shaneil Devaser- Crossing Boundaries

Prema Yin

Sam Siren- Karacoma (Brunei)

Adam Lobo (Dragon Red)

Amy – Razed

Sam – Beat The system

Mangz- Blister

Sam- Bunkface

Darren Teh – An Honest Mistake

Riz Rashid – “3″


Best Hip-Hop/Bhangra/Dancehall/Ragga Song

Vesham Pazhe- Haze Freaky-G feat Envy Nesh & Kartigeyan

Rockstar 2.0-Kevin Lester (Singapore)

Paisa –Goldkartz feat.Vibe

Apart-Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore)

Roll out- Psycho.Unit

Beautiful-Viveck Ji feat.Damien Mikhail Seet

Give Them The Ughh!! – K-townClan

Forza-Diplomats of Drum feat.Altimet & Eddy Lim

I Dont Care – Karmal & SonaOne

1 Nation – Thrillhoodz famiglia featuring Chill Gizzy


Best Hip-Hop/Rap/Bhangra Solo

Haze Freaky-G

Kevin Lester (Singapore)


Viveck Ji

21 Soulblaze (Singapore)

Noty Boy (Brunei)

“I would like to say thank you to VIMA staff and crew, saya sangat berbangga dapat tercalon dalam BEST SOLO HIPHOP antara 3 negara. Tercalon pun dah cukup baik, saya serta manager DAMIAN MIKHAIL  dan MagiQ records team berbangga kerna artis syarikat rakaman kami termasuk dalam pencalonan VIMA AWARDS 2011 iaitu NotyBoy & Freezle. Thank you for the lovely support, lets make magiQ in KL” – Noty boy


Best Hip Hop /Rap/Bhangra Group


K Town Clan


Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore)

X-Clusive (Singapore)


“When I checked the list of the VIMA awards 2011 nominations, and when I saw that I’ve been nominated for not one, but two awards, I was, well… I cannot even describe it!Being in the list for Best Electronica/Dance Song for my track “Gemini” (, and for best Electronica/Dance act, is a kind of achievement that I owe to all the people in Malaysia who have helped me be what I am now. That’s a perfect example of the result of what I love to say: “don’t dream your life, live your dreams”. – JP 

Best Electronica/Dance Song

Angels Coast – Kuj (Brunei)


Ha Karde – Goldkartz feat.Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger

Rock With You – Goldkartz feat.Shankar Mahadevan & Boy Radge

In the House-Goldfish & Blink feat. Ze & Altimet

Fall in Love Again (Electro Mix) _ Andrew LD feat. Lord 7

Party Animal – K-townclan

Whose Your Daddy – K-townclan

I Wanna Be Like Moby (Dub Mix) – CC Sound Factory (Singapore)

You stole my heart – Monsoon featuring babs and hitman

The Road Less Taken theme – 21 soulblaze (Singapore)

Sang Mentari (Avin Remix) – Galvin Patrick (Sarawak/Malaysia)

“I couldn’t believe this is happening?! I feel so grateful after being nominated and this really shows that dreams do come true! …even for someone like me who creates music from my bedroom, in a very small town in Sarawak called Sri Aman! Thank you for believing in my music”. – Galvin Patrick

Best Electronica/Dance Act



Andrew LD


CC Sound Factory(Singapore)

Kuj (Brunei)


Best Genre-Bending Act (Mixed Genres)

70’s Girl- Haze Freaky-G

Ha Karde – Goldkartz feat.Rishi Rich & Mumzy Stranger

I Wanna Be Like Moby (Dub Mix) – CC Sound Factory (Singapore)

Helmets and Fiery Endings -In Each Hand a Cutlass (Sin)

Shine – Beat the System feat. Jaclyn Victor

Come Get Some (Bangkai Beserker Masacre) feat. Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G

Forza-Diplomats of Drum feat.Altimet & Eddy Lim

Solo – Andi Merican feat Altimet

Traffic Jam – Sig, Stalk & Lewis

Bison Blues – Akasha


Akasha with 3 noms

Best Instrumental/World Music

Naim Brock- Al Fakhri

Beaches & Pineapples- On The Beat and Path

Helmets and Fiery Endings -In Each Hand a Cutlass (Singapore)

Marauder – In Each Hand a Cutlass (Singapore)

Bison Blues – Akasha


Please tell her – Jiu Jean (Singapore)

Cape Town – Monsoon

Reach for the stars – Kelvin Yeang

Rebirth- The Metaphor


Best Female Vocalist Overall

Angie Lym

Prema Yin


Sam Siren – Karacoma

Shruthi J.

Janice Yap – Janice and The Supertanks

Tashya basir – Tashya’s Ink

Meryll Pearl –Pearl & Rendall (Sarawak/Malaysia)

Eunice Keitan (Singapore)

Ruby Chong (Brunei)

“We were so excited when we saw our name on the list!! We could’nt describe how we felt, we went speechless and didnt believe it at first. We’re just really grateful! Thanks so much for this! All the best to our fellow Sarawakian who are nominated as well and also to the other artists! You guys are awesome. Thanks again VIMA” – Meryl Pearl of Pearl& Rendall

“As i was scrolling down the list to check the nominations…. i found my song & name listed in Best Pop / R&B category. I was like “Hey!… That’s me!… I’m  nominated!… WOW!!” Continued scrolling down further on the list… and i was speechlessly shocked to find myself nominated in 6 categories. Would like to say thanks to the organizers of VIMA Awards 2011…and congrats to all the fellow nominees.”  : Haze Freaky-G

Best Collaboration

Veysham Phazhe II- Haze Freaky-G, feat.Envy Nesh & Kartigeyan

In the House-Goldfish & Blink feat. Ze & Altimet

Wings of a Dove – Angie Lym feat. Greg Henderson & Jamie Wilson

Rock With You – Goldkartz feat.Shankar Mahadevan & Boy Radge

Bebaskan Hatimu – Goldkartz & Boy Radge feat Awie

Shine – Beat the System feat. Jaclyn Victor

Punjabi Cruck feat.Sukhwinder Dhaliwal, Bhindee of Dhol Federation & Singh King

Come Get Some (Bangkai Beserker Masacre) feat. Dragon Red, DJ Fuzz, Samir, Jin Hackman, Altimet & Ash G

Forza-Diplomats of Drum feat.Altimet & Eddy Lim


Best Indian/Punjabi Act

Haze Freaky-G

Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore)



Viveck Ji

Young Ruff





“Wow, I am thrilled about the double nominations. I am honored to be nominated for the Best Female Vocalist Overall. It definitely is a pleasant surprise, and the Best Indian Act nomination is truly one that will always be close to my heart. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Love xoxo :) Shruthi J. ”

 Best College Act

Natasya Ejaz (Pakistan)

RubyChong (Brunei)

Wanted Symphony

Classmates Band


The D.I.A



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